Control Tech has operated out of premises in West Kent for over 20 years and was originally established as a distributor for Compair Maxam pneumatic controls. Its primary focus of devising solutions and trouble shooting in automation processes has never wavered and continues to flourish. However, opportunities have since led them into developing new disciplines.

With the acquisition of Maxam along with several other leading brands in the industry by Parker Hannifin, it has placed extra demands on the expertise at Control Tech. These include becoming accomplished in areas such as Process, Filtration and more recently Hydraulics which corresponded with the opening of the companies Parker Store last year, an ideal point of sale concept specifically targeted at local customers.

The company also has a thriving Compressor division, covering supply and maintenance of any design of Air Compressor plus providing spares and hire options to support this facility. Pipework installations are all catered for by the same service team and these experienced engineers are available to conduct written schemes and energy saving surveys such as datalogging and leak detection. They can similarly advise on any aspect of compressor house and condensate management systems.

Air Treatment equipment, Portable Compressors and Pneumatic Tools have historically been sought after by both the industrial and automotive markets and several examples of these and ancillary products such as gauges are represented at their new location. To compliment the diverse range of items already available including many of the past and present names in pneumatics, the company now has a webshop to enhance the selection via its online users.

Ultimately, Control Tech has grown not only into a complete ‘Compressed Air Service’ but now has fresh objectives to evolve as a comprehensive’ Fluid Power Centre’ and to confront the latest challenges for controlling applications and system design.